Daiso is a unique combination of dollar and convenient store, carrying over 100,000 types of high-quality stylish household and lifestyle products at unbeatable prices. Headquartered in Japan with business expanded to Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea, Daiso enjoys immense popularity in Asia and is opening up a new store at the rate of 1.5 store a day! In Japan alone, there are over 2,400 stores; and Daiso ranks second to Tokyo Disneyland, receiving higher brand recognition and customer satisfaction among Japanese female consumers than the world famous Sony, McDonald's, and Toyota.

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First DAISO in North America
Daiso created a joint partnership with the Fairchild Group and opened its first North American location - a 26,430 sq. ft store at the new Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, B.C in December 2003. This North American flagship Daiso store was an instant success. The public immediately embraced this unique concept of a dollar store that offers the shopping experience of a trendy department store; so much so that the Richmond Daiso quickly achieved the No. 1 sales position among all 3000 + Daiso stores in Asia.
This is quite an accomplishment for a store that
just opened up for business in December 2003.